Autumn Etsy Sale 2017

Pemberley Parade

Another year is nearing its end and PemberleyParade is holding its annual Autumn sale! You can get 50% off ALL our jewellery items when you spend £50 or more until the end of November – that’s beautiful, handmade genuine gemstone jewellery at half price!

image 185 Featured item: Our Asymmetrical Art Deco Inspired Genuine Green Onyx and Rose Gold Plated Copper necklace with Toggle Clasp

You can purchase this necklace and more by visiting our Etsy shop!

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Our New Creative Writing Magazine is Open for Submissions — Lucent Dreaming

Many moons ago, before the summer slung itself haphazard over the shoulders of Britons, and as easily fell away, my friends and I dreamt up a new creative writing magazine. The journey to launch has been an interesting one. Frankly, of course, we have no idea what we’re doing. And I imagine that will be the case for several months. Writing my dissertation interspersed (or swallowed up) the summer, so all the back-to-school feelings I’m deprived of this year have been channelled into this: Lucent Dreaming. It’s still under construction, but we’re open for submissions.

I’m seeing it as an opportunity to test our creativity, more than anything. We’re living, and have both the skills and enough knowledge to create something like this. Why did we not before? And for our prospective writers (who I dearly hope exist), it’s an opportunity to enter the market and publish stories that might thematically not have a foothold elsewhere. Unfortunately, we don’t have the funds to pay anyone yet, except maybe in Amazon gift cards, but we’re looking into things. I just hope it goes well, if not great. I’d like to put forward entertaining and interesting writing in a beautiful way.

And! if you have read this far, please do share this post with your creative writer friends. We’d really like to get the word out far. It’s NaNoWriMo and so many writers come out of the woodwork to give a stab at novel-writing that there are surely just as many who write, tell or enjoy short stories.


We are now open for fiction submissions! Non-fiction and art submission dates TBC.

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Getting an MA in English Literature

After what seems like several months of confusion and doubt, I submitted and eventually received my result for my MA dissertation. Bunch that together with my essays, and I have a full MA degree in English Literature. OH MY GOODNESS. I did it. I accomplished the thing I so excitedly set out to do.

But there is one thing I should regret and am subsequently going to rectify: I wrote no kind of acknowledgement in my dissertation. I didn’t want to attach any names to the piece of writing I hadn’t any pride in, so I avoided the attempt. Weeks later, and the fact remains the same. I don’t take much pride in the content, but the effort and the energy warrants my elation, and I buckled and included a few names anyway.

So, here it is:


I could not have got so far, so unobstructed and so inspired, without my friends who believed and my family who encouraged. Thank you Isobel and Isobel’s mum Liz for your love and books, Emmalees for pushing me to be my best and Caitlin for telling me I am more. Thank you to my unofficial J Club who know me best, make me laugh and listen to me complain, even now.

Thank you to Cardiff University for giving me a scholarship, without which I wouldn’t have been able to study. I reserve the rest of my undying gratitude for Cardiff University’s Open Access team who let me write during working hours, to my teachers who kept me dreaming, and to my lecturers and my supervisor for their unwavering understanding and support. Thank you.

What now? Well, after spending a year writing about 36k words for the MA, I’m going to try writing a novel (double the amount of words) in one year. Let’s see how that goes. I’m also recovering from a cold I got the day I had my dissertation result. So, a party all round. I’m also spending the year reading *some* of the things I’ve kept on the reading list for the past 4 years and not had time to enjoy! And there are some other exciting things to be announced, so look out. 😀

Is this lit? Parody and Remediation

Project Management and Advanced Research

I have just now descended from the roller-coaster of folly that was creating a fake magazine. Even I am now wondering how this figures in my project management work. Why did I just commit this crime against humanity? Is it one? Am I undermining my whole academic career? Probably.

Perhaps I ought to explain: I have made a parody creative writing magazine using Adobe InDesign, the programme with which Romantic Textualities is currently designed and formatted. My reasons for creating such a magazine are numerous and flimsy, but seeing as I have made such a thing, and have invested a questionable number of hours into it, I feel I must use it to my advantage, if that is even possible.

The magazine is called ‘Is this Lit?’ and it critiques what it is that makes writing valuable and important. It critiques audience expectation in the bid for views. But how…

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Review of Francesca Saggini’s CRECS talk, ‘From The Vaults: Frances Burney and the Tragic Muse’, 13/03/1



Many thanks to Jannat Ahmed (@PemberleyParade) for writing this review of our CRECS event, which took place on Monday 13 March 2017.

The Cardiff Romanticism and Eighteenth-Century Seminar recently had the pleasure of welcoming Professor Francesca Saggini (Università della Tuscia, Visiting Fellow at Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge), author of Backstage in the Novel: Frances Burney and the Theater Arts, to present her new (never-before-presented) research on Frances Burney and the Tragic Muse. Discussing the neglect of Burney and her fellow female tragedians in most anthologies of eighteenth-century plays/drama, Saggini drew our attention to the contexts of Burney’s tragedies, and issued a call to take them more seriously.

Opening her talk by likening Burney’s mastectomy to the critical ‘mutilation’ of her literary corpus, Saggini suggested that Burney’s tragedies be seen as a similar excision to her mutilated breast. The rare works that do address the tragedies, such as Peter…

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Open Access (again), Buzzfeed and 15 minutes of Fame

Project Management and Advanced Research

So, I’ve been thinking more about open access and the green, gold and diamond models of which I know very little. However, I do have an analogy that might help me to understand some of the things that are going on.

In the year 2015 at the end of June I made a Buzzfeed quiz for my friend. Buzzfeed allows anyone to make whatever content they wish, from articles to quizzes. Once uploaded, this content is accessible to all.

I was making, in this instance, a not niche, but an apparently not-yet-made quiz: Which Jane Austen Hero are You? A quick search in 2015 yielded no results, and the only quiz there was on such a topic included Austen’s antagonists too, namely Wickham, Willoughby and Mr Collins. Not exactly the heroes I was after.

So, off I went to make the quiz.

However, the day after making that quiz, whose…

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8 reasons why we don’t need printed books

Project Management and Advanced Research

The title of this post is misleading  and is a bold-faced lie because it doesn’t reflect the content, but that is my point. What the title does show is how we make instantaneous assumptions from things like titles which structure our thoughts and our reading in a certain way. The listicle model evoked by this polarising title will most likely either have you thinking ‘But we do need printed books!’ or ‘Let’s see then’ or ‘No, thank you, I don’t want to know about your crazy world, goodbye.’ I myself still see a value in printed books, but I must go on a very long tangent to explain why.

Structure, framework and presentation are all important concepts when we consider the politics of digital reading versus reading from the printed page. Although the territory is still very similar (for readers of English, at least, the eye scans from left to…

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