8 reasons why we don’t need printed books

Project Management and Advanced Research

The title of this post is misleading  and is a bold-faced lie because it doesn’t reflect the content, but that is my point. What the title does show is how we make instantaneous assumptions from things like titles which structure our thoughts and our reading in a certain way. The listicle model evoked by this polarising title will most likely either have you thinking ‘But we do need printed books!’ or ‘Let’s see then’ or ‘No, thank you, I don’t want to know about your crazy world, goodbye.’ I myself still see a value in printed books, but I must go on a very long tangent to explain why.

Structure, framework and presentation are all important concepts when we consider the politics of digital reading versus reading from the printed page. Although the territory is still very similar (for readers of English, at least, the eye scans from left to…

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