Is this lit? Parody and Remediation

Project Management and Advanced Research

I have just now descended from the roller-coaster of folly that was creating a fake magazine. Even I am now wondering how this figures in my project management work. Why did I just commit this crime against humanity? Is it one? Am I undermining my whole academic career? Probably.

Perhaps I ought to explain: I have made a parody creative writing magazine using Adobe InDesign, the programme with which Romantic Textualities is currently designed and formatted. My reasons for creating such a magazine are numerous and flimsy, but seeing as I have made such a thing, and have invested a questionable number of hours into it, I feel I must use it to my advantage, if that is even possible.

The magazine is called ‘Is this Lit?’ and it critiques what it is that makes writing valuable and important. It critiques audience expectation in the bid for views. But how…

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